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Preparing and implementing investments in real estate requires thorough and complete solutions to varied strategic, risk-related and operational demands.

Institutional Investment Consulting Partners helps investors by giving independent and expert advice on these important issues and additionally by developing customised solutions for all stages of the investment cycle in direct and indirect real estate investments.

Our team has extensive transaction and management experience in real estate and, as we can also call on independent research, we have an excellent understanding of real estate products and processes and can assess managers and products in both the selection and investment management phases.

We also stand out from other investment consultants in that we specialise exclusively in advising institutional investors in the real estate asset class. This alone does not constitute any sign of quality, but if specialisation in a specific area also includes comprehensive know-how both in terms of breadth and depth, this results in a noticeable improvement in quality and a major competitive advantage for our clients. We therefore consider our „original real estate competence“ to be the key to a successful real estate investment.

Our Consulting Services

100% Real Estate 360°

Focus on one asset class creates the best possible content-related and market-specific penetration and hence significant added value for our clients.

Strategic Portfolio Planning & Research

Creating Value Through Solid Strategic Planning of the Real Estate Portfolio

Our approach when structuring direct or indirect real estate portfolios is to generate a risk/return approach which corresponds to the investors investment horizons and takes into account the benefits of diversifying across countries, sectors and investment styles.

In this process we develop various scenarios for creating a strategic asset allocation based on our independent in-house research. On this basis, individual investment goals for an existing or new portfolio can be achieved.

Our research team regularly analyses all important German and international investment and rental markets and their respective sectors. This enables us to make recommendations on short-to-mid-term strategic adjustment to existing portfolios as well as enabling us to exploit both market opportunities as well as minimise market risks.

Asset Managers & Products

Efficient implementation of strategy through the selection of the best suitable asset managers and tailor made investment products.

Even the best investment strategy will be unsuccessful if it is not rigorously targeted and implemented. This is why we support investors in selecting suitable asset managers for direct real estate portfolios and/or the selection of suitable investment vehicles for indirect real estate portfolios.

With the experience and the network of Institutional Investment Consulting Partners it is possible to select precisely the right asset manager for your investment. With this in mind, local managers are often intentionally sought out in foreign markets as they usually have a significant competitive advantage in market access with regards to both real estate and tenants.

We have an equally broad overview of the indirect real estate products which are available in the market. Through regular contact with fund issuers and due to our high level of understanding of the needs of institutional investors, we are able to independently assess which products are suitable for an investor’s portfolio and which are not.

Investment Analysis & Optimisation

Minimising risks and costs through professional support of investment decisions.

We do not leave institutional investors alone after the strategic build-up of a real estate portfolio; rather, we offer many services within the life-cycle of the investment.

Acquisitions and disposals during the construction or restructuring of a real estate portfolio entail major challenges. We analyse such projects and make recommendations in the form of a second opinion. In this process, we also examine and assess the effects of purchases or sales on the overall portfolio level.

With our expertise, we also represent our investors in real estate investment fund investment committees as well as in review meetings with fund managers.

Investment Controlling

Efficient management and control of investments with custom built tools

In order to clearly understand and properly control the value and risk-related developments in a real estate portfolio, suitable tools are required. For the development and constant improvement of these tools, we are able to rely on the comprehensive experience of our investor platform business in quickly and accurately analysing real estate data. This allows us to achieve important synergies within our company group for our clients, who thus benefit from optimised investment controlling.

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