Our Team

Institutional Investment Partners and Institutional Investment Consulting Partners are companies of the Institutional Investment Group (2IG), one of the leading independent investor platforms for real estate and real asset investments in Germany and Europe.

We work as highly qualified specialists in interdisciplinary teams. Our aim is to deliver the best performance for our clients as part of a team. If you share this aspiration with us and also fit in with us in human terms, we can offer you a place in a great team that stands for each other at all times.

Principles of
Leadership & Conduct

„Do I fit in with Institutional Investment Group?
And does Institutional Investment Group suits me?“

Both questions cannot be answered in general, and yet they are very important questions for you and for us. As a first step, our principles of leadership and conduct can provide you with information. If you share our convictions, please contact us, because the foundation for the beginning of our partnership is laid.

PartnershipPartnership behaviour is one of our most important values, which is not only expressed by some of our company names. A partnership requires fairness, respect, trust and mutual understanding.
We promote this culture, but at the same time demand it from our colleagues towards customers and external partners, colleagues and our company. This also includes regular and open feedback from both sides.
SUSTAINABILITYSustainability as well as long-term thinking and acting are in the foreground for us as a shareholder-managed group of companies. This also means that we deal transparently with any risks and opportunities, analyze them and consider them carefully, but act consistently and quickly once a decision has been made.
MOTIVATIONIt is important to us that the inner conviction "to want to achieve something outstanding in an innovative company and to constantly improve" is the decisive motivator for the success of our work.
In other words, we enjoy our work and the continuous improvement of our companies and want all our colleagues to embody our passion.
COORDINATIONEven the best and most motivated employees can move little if their individual performance is not interlinked. Because we want to move a lot within our business areas and achieve our ambitious goals, we attach great importance to coordinated behaviour, process effectiveness and efficiency.
We are of the opinion that this is the only way to apply Aristotle's quote "The whole is more than the sum of its parts" and to achieve the best performance as a company.
COMPETENCEWe demand of ourselves to create value for our clients by constantly improving their real estate investments and services.

This can only be achieved through a high degree of competence. In our view, professional excellence in conjunction with the management and behavioural principles already mentioned represents competence and thus the central building block for our success.

Vacant Positions

Below you will find vacant positions in our group of companies (mostly in german). The right position for you is not listed, but we have convinced you? Then submit your unsolicited application here.

Werkstudent Data Operations im Team Fund Reporting & Controlling Automation20231201160340
Ausbildung zum Kaufmann/-frau für Büromanagement (m/w/d)20230331180139
Analyst / Associate im Bereich Real Estate Tax (m/w/d) in Teilzeit 25 bis 30 Stunden/Woche20230104130352
Werkstudent für Büromanagement und Administration (m/w/d)20221031092047
Werkstudent im Bereich Financial Accounting Process Management (m/w/d)20220530164231
(Senior) Analyst / Associate Real Estate Finance & Treasury (m/w/d)20220315090841
Frankfurt am Main, Luxemburg-Mertert
Analyst / Associate im Bereich Dachfondsadministration & -management (m/w/d)20220311090539
Frankfurt am Main, Luxemburg-Mertert
Analyst / Associate Fund Administration (m/w/d)20220309093008
Werkstudent im Bereich Tax (m/w/d)20220301113021
Werkstudent im Bereich Property Valuation (m/w/d)20220111111233
(Junior) Analyst / Associate Master Fund Management (m/w/d)20210831075918
Analyst / Associate Institutional Investor Relations & Services (m/w/d)20210706104323
(Senior) Analyst/Associate Fund Company Controlling & Management (Beteiligungsmanagement)20210602125303
Werkstudent im Bereich Legal & Compliance (m/w/d)20210413125012
Analyst/Associate Investment Fund Controlling (m/w/d)20210412125919
Frankfurt am Main, Luxemburg

Analyst/Associate Investment Fund Controlling (m/w/d)

(m/w/d), Frankfurt am Main oder Mertert (Luxemburg)
Assistenz (m/w/d)20210401104449
Frankfurt am Main, Luxemburg

Assistenz (m/w/d)

(m/w/d), Frankfurt am Main oder Mertert (Luxemburg)