The Investor Platform as the model for the future with clear benefits for institutional investors

Investor platforms are the undisputed model for the future of modern real estate investment for institutional investors. By combining a wide range of real estate investments in integrated legal and administrative structures, investors have access to numerous benefits.

We are the experienced partner for investors and offer unique solutions which in particular identify and reduce risks related to German and international real estate investments.

With this in mind, we would like to put further emphasis on our market leading approach through our integrated fund platform. Investors also benefit from unparalleled transparency with regards to data as well as business processes – even when several different asset managers are involved.

With our expertise of more than 40 billion euros in assets under administration, we can help you identify and leverage the corresponding optimization potential.

Institutional Investment Partners does not use any standard solutions because we believe the maximum benefit can only be achieved when the individual requirements and goals of investors are taken into account in finding a comprehensive and optimal solution.

We have the capability to establish platform structures according to both German and Luxembourgish law and offer investors innovative concepts such as the Investor Master Fund and the Investor Club Fund but of course also solutions based on the „platform classic“, the fund of funds.

The Investor Master Fund (IMF)

The highest level of flexibility and transparency in real estate investment.

The Investor Master Fund (IMF) was developed in-house and is aimed primarily at investors who want to make no compromises in process or performance risks.

Performance and Cost Efficiency through Clear Separation of TasksInvestors benefit from a clearly defined division of tasks between asset management and administration services. Institutional Investment Partners takes care of administrative matters such as accounting, controlling, reporting and financing, leaving our asset managers to concentrate entirely on the task of producing investment returns. In other words, the asset managers´ duty is to focus solely on selecting suitable real estate and the further asset management thereof.

The aim is to integrate every partner into the value chain and to offer investors maximum performance and cost efficiency together with the best possible transparency.

Flexibility in the Selection of Suitable Asset Managers to Implement a Chosen Strategy

Excellent investment strategies are extremely important for earning meaningful returns. However, the asset management partners mandated with implementing strategy are equally important. In the Investors‘ Master Fund approach, the investor has the flexibility to select the real estate manager best suited for implementing the targeted investment objectives.

If you value an independent, externally-assisted manager selection process, we will be glad to provide you with the comprehensive professional expertise of our consulting firm Institutional Investment Consulting Partners.

Risk Management and Control through High Level of Data and Process Transparency

Investors have sought more transparency in their investments into single-property as well as aggregated portfolios since well before the latest financial crisis. Through the use of the integrated master fund approach at Institutional Investment Partners, investors gain a deep insight into all data and processes within the value chain, thereby being able to immediately detect risks and opportunities in the portfolio.

We regard ourselves as partners of investors and asset managers, who map out complicated purchase and sales transactions as well as construction measures in a clear and structured process.
Through complete data and process transparency, investors are able to play an active role in the dialogue with asset managers in planning and implementing important strategic measures within their portfolio.

Uniformity and Continuity in Reporting from a Single Source

Significant and comparable reporting at property or portfolio level is often made more difficult through a large number of inconsistent datasets from different asset managers.
Institutional Investment Partners addresses this problem at a structural level. In line with our concept of cooperation with asset managers acting on the platform, we guarantee that all data relevant to financial statements are entered consistently and accurately into Institutional Investment Partners‘ central database. With centralised data collection and analysis, we can achieve a considerable improvement in quality while simultaneously reducing complexity.

Another advantage is that the (historic) data is saved in the database and is accessible to the investor at all times – even when, for instance, an asset management mandate expires.

Structure as a Multi-Manager Investor Master Fund

In the case of a Multi-Manager Investor Master Fund, investors also benefit from all of the advantages of our investor master funds, including specialised investment strategies with various asset managers. For a portfolio which combines a wide range of different investment strategies, it often makes sense to select asset managers who specialise in the target sector.

For this purpose, we set up various different segments in our investor master funds which map out all processes and reporting-related subjects concerning the portfolio.

Contribution of Investors' Own Holdings

Investor Master Funds are also eminently suitable for integrating real estate portfolios that investors have held themselves to date, and in some cases this can even be done exempt of land transfer tax. Above all, the Investor Master Fund offers investors the advantage of being able to maintain complete data and process transparency in their real estate portfolios even after integrating their own real estate holdings. In addition, individually tailored Investor Master Funds enable investors, if required, to manage their own portfolios flexibly and, at the same time, to call on specialised real estate managers at various levels in the value chain.

We furthermore guarantee aggregated reporting at overall portfolio level which provides full transparency and a „look-through“ at the performance contribution from the individual assets.

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Investor Club Fund (ICF)

Quick, Flexible and Efficient Strategy Implementation

Our Investor Club Fund (ICF) is aimed specifically at institutional investors interested in indirect real estate investments in the form of multi-investor funds. Institutional Investment Partners aims to provide a homogeneous investors‘ club with a vehicle for implementing individual investment strategies while avoiding the substantial disadvantages of pooled funds. Paramount to this decision is the influence of investors on the strategy and the selection of an excellent asset manager suitable for implementing this strategy.

Tailor-made Strategy Development through Extensive Investor Influence

Within the ICF concept, investors do not have to wait for investment fund companies to suggest a suitable product to them. Instead, they can be actively involved in developing an individual strategy together with Institutional Investment Partners.

In this process we welcome ideas from investors, whom together with our investment consulting subsidiary company, Institutional Investment Consulting Partners, can examine the individual investment approaches and asses their feasibility and prospects for success.

Speed and Occupation of Exclusive and Niche Investment Markets

Due to our ability to rapidly and flexibly define strategy we are able to respond quickly to developing market opportunities. With ICF, we succeed in occupying exclusive investment niches which would otherwise be inaccessible to other investment vehicles.

The Right Asset Manager for the Strategy

Using the experience and the network of Institutional Investment Partners, it is possible to successfully select an asset manager who precisely suits the outlined investment requirements. In international markets, for example, local managers are specifically chosen, as they usually possess a significant competitive advantage in accessing the local real estate and tenant markets.

As with the Investor Master Fund, the tasks of asset managers are concentrated exclusively on implementing strategies agreed with investors and on generating further value from the real estate.

Continuity through a Homogeneous Investors' Club

In order to achieve a sufficiently large critical mass of investment assets for the fund, Institutional Investment Partners provides support in creating a largely homogeneous investors‘ club. In doing this, we attempt to bring together investors who are interested in a common investment opportunity and who share similar investment philosophies.

The investors‘ club decides jointly on further details of the investment vehicle such as investment guidelines, the term of the investment etc. with Institutional Investment Partners providing any necessary guidance throughout the process.

The Advantages of the Investor Master Fund Are Maintained

In addition to the above, Institutional Investment Partners also provide to Investor Club Funds the same extensive benefits as the Investor Master Fund setup: Institutional Investment Partners carries out both the administration of the fund, the risk management and the reporting and controlling.

Typical of Master Funds at Institutional Investment Partners is the high level of transparency of all essential real estate activities, which considerably reduces the risk of the investment. In addition, the consulting division of Institutional Investment Partners supports the investors‘ club in its decision-making processes, for example by providing second opinions to the manager’s investment suggestions.

Investor Club Funds open up completely new opportunities for institutional investors in optimising portfolio structure and minimising risk

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Fund of Funds

Pragmatic Simplification of Administration

With our classical fund of funds approach, we offer institutional investors an excellent solution for combining a wide range of differing real estate investment vehicles within a fund of funds management company, which usually concentrates on the administrative activities of investment management. By lessening this burden, for example in capital calls, registering capital flows etc., investors can concentrate fully on actively managing the details of the real estate investment vehicle. In addition to this, the fund-of-funds approach offers several other advantages:


A uniform balance sheet amount and uniform treatment of taxation at fund of funds level.

Balanced Profits and Losses

Internal balancing of profits and losses at fund of funds level.


Short-term liquidity flows of the target investment vehicle do not appear in the investors‘ own accounts; rather, they appear only in the fund of funds structure.

Income and Distribution Management

Income from the target investment vehicles is not recognised as earnings with investors until a corresponding distribution from the fund of funds is triggered.

Institutional Investment Partners has experience with a wide range of types of real estate investment funds and other real estate investments, and is currently managing cash flow changes and distributions for the following types of investment vehicles:

  • Special funds
    (German special funds, Luxemburg FCPs and SICAVs, Italian SGRs etc.)
  • Partnerships under German and foreign law
    (KGs, GmbH & Co. KGs, LPs etc.)
  • German and foreign incorporated companies
    (GmbHs, S.à r.l.’s, S.A.’s, Inc’s etc.)
  • Other investment vehicles
    (REITs, Jersey trusts etc.)

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